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About Us

At WasabiCon, fandom is family.

The original WasabiCon started in 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida. Following WasabiCon PDX in Portland, Oregon, WasabiCon® NOLA is the third official Wasabi Anime convention in North America.

Like its sister shows, WasabiCon NOLA focuses on three key facets of fandom: anime, cosplay and gaming!

Our philosophy is a simple one: create a memorable experience for pop culture fans where everyone feels included. Cosplay a favorite character, check out a panel about a new show, buy that print from an artist you’ve recently discovered, and just be yourself in an environment of like-minded fans celebrating their own passions for movies, music, TV, tabletop adventures, video games and much, much more. Fandom is family at our event, and we hope you’ll choose to be a part of it.

Have questions? We suggest you take a moment and read our FAQ page. If, after doing so, you still have questions, you can email us via [email protected] or call the office at (904) 878-8503.

Event History

WasabiCon NOLA 2024 May 11-12, 2024 at the Sheraton New Orlean Hotel
3,374 attendees

Attendees are reported using turnstile numbers.