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Register for space as an Exhibitor at WasabiCon NOLA.

WasabiCon is seeking exhibitors and vendors that appeal to fans of anime, Asian pop culture, tabletop gaming, video games, and all ancillary fandoms. Our convention offers a great opportunity to sell merchandise in a family-friendly marketplace or just help get your brand noticed by our attendees.

Waitlist?! Don’t panic! All applications for WasabiCon Vendors Space are placed on a waitlist so that our team has time to review each application. This helps us reduce the number of similar art styles and merchandise to make the exhibitor experience better for artists, vendors, and attendees! Please note that, once approved, your payment will be PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY. This may happen weeks after applying (we have a large number of applications to review) so please make sure you apply with a credit card that will remain active during this time. If, when processed, your payment is declined, you may your lose place in the approval queue and will have to apply again.

WasabiCon NOLA 2024 Booths are $450.00 per space  $400 if purchased before February 29th! This includes:

  • Booth price and all processing fees.
  • One (1) 10’x10′ space. (100 square feet.)
  • One (1) six foot table.
  • Two (2) chairs.
  • Two (2) Vendor Badges. *
  • One (1) Wi-fi connection.
* One (1) additional Vendor Badge can be purchased per space for $30 on-site only. These are not sold in advance.

Booth placement is made at WasabiCon’s discretion based on a number of factors including avoiding similar artists, exhibitors, and vendors being placed next to each other. Corner booth placement is reserved for sponsors and partners of the event.

Once your booth is confirmed, we strongly recommend ordering power, if needed, in advance to save time on-site. You can find the 2024 services request form by clicking here.

2024 Vendor List

Coming soon.